Kalorama is the preeminent IP advisory boutique, working with companies globally on both their IPv4 acquisitions and divestitures.

We possess unparalleled knowledge of the current state of the global IPv4 market, and this knowledge affords us a sophisticated, nuanced view of the various micro and macro factors that have dynamic implications on timing and pricing.

Year Founded
Value of all IPv4 addresses sold since 2011
0 billion
IP Addresses Sold
0 million
Highest price per address achieved for a /16
$ 0

Our Commitment to Transparency

Kalorama is defining the IPv4 marketplace through broad education efforts, global partnerships, and transparency initiatives that reach beyond the “brokerage services” found elsewhere.

Kalorama regularly serves as an information link between the private and public sectors, national and international governments, regulating bodies, and businesses.

By issuing regular policy and marketplace updates to our network, meeting with various stakeholders around the world, and participating in conferences held by RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, ICANN, and the IGF, Kalorama promotes transparency and transaction consistency, which will increasingly bring the market efficiency to levels in line with other marketplaces further along in their maturation.


Kalorama is an APNIC Approved Broker


Kalorama is a Recognised RIPE Member and Broker


Kalorama is a Registered ARIN Facilitator


Kalorama is managed by experts in key fields including Internet policy and intangible asset sales.

Josh Bourne

General Manager
Josh Bourne is a recognized thought leader on internet domain name and number spaces. Josh’s businesses are trusted authorities in their respective fields. FairWinds Partners provides strategic domain name consulting to Global 500 companies and other leading brand owners. DigitalDNA specializes in domain name and website transactional advisory services, and Kalorama is a leader in the marketplace for trading IPv4 addresses. Josh is a frequent speaker at industry events and has provided expert witness testimony in private-sector and public-sector settings. A graduate of the University of Richmond, he received a B.A. Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a Minor in Leadership Studies.

Cameron Gordon

Cameron Gordon is a deft and creative deal leader, shepherding all aspects of the sales process from signing to negotiation, contract to payment. He has 11 years of experience in high value sales, consulting and strategy around IP addresses and domain names. Cameron is a perpetual learner, always looking to improve his skills and knowledge in related fields. A graduate of Georgetown University, he majored in Marketing and Finance with an auxiliary focus in Psychology. Cameron operates the satellite office in San Francisco, CA. Outside of the office you’ll find him on the beach or in the forest.


In 2011, after helping several of our existing FairWinds Partners clients achieve their IP address business continuity goals, we rebranded the “Internet numbers” side of our business separately from the “Internet names” business as Kalorama Group.

Kalorama, which means “beautiful view” in Greek, is named after the historic neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Multiple U.S. presidents, such as Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama, have called Kalorama home at some point in their lives and many embassies, including the Embassies of India, Japan and Croatia, are located in this distinctive D.C. neighborhood.

Partner Brands

FairWinds logo white

Established in 2006, FairWinds Partners (“FairWinds”) is the leading domain name strategy consulting firm.

DigitalDNA white

DigitalDNA is the transaction arm of FairWinds and helps a wide range of clients transact on digital assets such as domain names, websites and Web-based businesses.

Both FairWinds and DigitalDNA work with clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their online branding efforts through the optimal ownership and use of domain names, social media usernames, and other digital identifiers, such as gTLD extensions.

Through its principles, Kalorama also has close working relationships with members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. government agencies, Internet regulators, international agencies and organizations, and major organizations and groups that are active in the field of Internet governance and policy.

The nature of the Internet marketplace is such that all of our brands require a high level of skill to navigate changing market conditions, complex negotiation or transaction issues, and time constraints. As a trusted advisor to brands with intricate online business goals, we are adept at advising on and assisting with complex digital strategies.


Kalorama is an APNIC Approved Broker


A Recognised RIPE Member and Broker


A Recognised RIPE Member and Broker

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