The following reference materials are designed to promote greater understanding of Internet Protocol and serve as a convenient source of IPv4 information.

RIR Transfer Policy Guide

Based upon the policies of each of the five Regional Internet Registries. This page is updated as the transfer policies are changed.

Context and Realities of the IPv4 Market:
What Technology Leaders Need to Know

Written by Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon Vibhanshu Abhishek (also an advisor to Kalorama Group), this white paper addresses the economics of the IPv4 market and IPv4-6 migration – topics that impact both enterprises and end-users.
More specifically, the paper analyzes how market forces – like the uncertainty in adoption of IPv6, growth of Internet-enabled devices, development in technologies like NAT, and the amount of revenue derived per IP address by their users – affect the pricing of IPv4 addresses.

IPv4 Transfer Timeline

Negotiation and decision on a buyer:

1-5 weeks

Contract review:

1-3 weeks

Setting up escrow:

1-4 days

Funding escrow:

1-7 days

Transferring the block:

1-3 weeks

Disbursing the funds:

1-4 days

Absolute fastest timing:

4 weeks

Average timing:

6-8 weeks

Ready to buy or sell IPv4 addresses?

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