Kalorama is the preeminent IP advisory boutique, working with companies globally on both their IPv4 acquisitions and divestitures as well as their transition to IPv6. We possess unparalleled knowledge of the current state of the global IPv4 market, and this knowledge affords us a sophisticated, nuanced view of the various micro and macro factors that have dynamic implications on timing and pricing. Our mission is to use this expertise to provide a more transparent marketplace for IPv4 addresses, thereby ensuring a natural transition to IPv6 for enterprises around the world.



Kalorama is an APNIC Approved Broker



A Recognised RIPE Member and Broker

RIPE [1]


A Registered ARIN Facilitator

ARIN [1]

Our Commitment to Transparency

Kalorama is defining the IPv4 marketplace through broad education efforts, global partnerships, and transparency initiatives that reach beyond the “brokerage services” found elsewhere.


Kalorama is managed by experts in key fields including Internet policy and investment banking.

Partner Brands

To better understand Kalorama's capabilities, our company must be considered in the context of our partner brands, FairWinds Partners and DigitalDNA. Through our work across all of our brands, we are established thought leaders and experts in the Internet "names and numbers" space.


Kalorama, which means "beautiful view" in Greek, is named after the historical neighborhood in Washington, D.C.