Partner Brands

Established in 2006, FairWinds Partners (“FairWinds”) is the leading domain name strategy consulting firm.

DigitalDNA is the transaction arm of FairWinds and helps a wide range of clients transact on digital assets such as domain names, websites and Web-based businesses.

Both FairWinds and DigitalDNA work with clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their online branding efforts through the optimal ownership and use of domain names, social media usernames, and other digital identifiers, such as gTLD extensions.

Since its inception, FairWinds has been and continues to be a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and owners of leading digital brands, helping clients use digital identifiers to realize their online business goals.

DigitalDNA specializes in helping major brand owners buy and sell digital properties, and its acquisition service is tailored specifically to fit the needs of major corporations.

DigitalDNA has successfully acquired hundreds of domain names on behalf of dozens of Fortune 100 brands through thoughtful and strategic negotiation, and its process is designed for optimal efficiency, effectiveness and confidentiality.

Through its work, DigitalDNA is a recognized expert in the sale of technology assets and the exchange of technology assets for other valuable property or consideration. Having advised and executed transactions on digital assets such as domain names and their corresponding Internet portals, DigitalDNA has demonstrated success in valuing divestiture and investment options, conducting detailed and supportable comparative analyses, and trading off associated costs, benefits and risks.

Through its principles, Kalorama also has close working relationships with members of the U.S. Congress, U.S. government agencies, Internet regulators, international agencies and organizations, and major organizations and groups that are active in the field of Internet governance and policy.

The nature of the Internet marketplace is such that all of our brands require a high level of skill to navigate changing market conditions, complex negotiation or transaction issues, and time constraints. As a trusted advisor to brands with intricate online business goals, we are adept at advising on and assisting with complex digital strategies.